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Have you seen the blue screen of death? Maybe you accidentally deleted something and think your data is lost forever. Not to worry… Magic Data Recovery can help. Our office is located in the Los Angeles Area but our services are available nationwide. Just send your damaged disk to our repair center. We understand how frustrating it can be to loose your data which is why upon receipt of your damaged drive you will receive the name and number of the experienced technician that is working specifically on your drive.


 Call us:1-800-519-7610

Some services we provide include:

  •    Raid Data Recovery
  •    Hard Drive Recovery
  •    Exchange Server Recovery
  •    SQL Database Recovery
  •    File System Recovery
  •    Tape Recovery
  •    Other Media

Have you experienced any of these issues?

  •    Corrupted database
  •    Deleted tables or system objects
  •    Accidental reformatting of RAID
  •    Deleted or corrupted log file
  •    Overwritten Tapes
  •    File system corruption
  •    Fire and water damage
  •    Inaccessible disk drive or partitions
  •    Data corruption
  •    RAID configuration lost
  •    Mechanical hard drive failure
  •    Hard drive surface damage
  •    Accidental data or file deletion
  •    Intermittent drive failure resulting in RAID degradation